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  • 119530, Очаковское шоссе, 28с4, Офис №5 г. Москва

Multifunctional complex «Solaris»

Scope: Shopping mall with parking
Moscow, d. Salaryevo, area 27
Total area: 307,000 m2

Complex of installation works of power and low-current systems;

  • Power supply system;
  • CCTV systems;
  • Access control system and security alarm;
  • Fire safety system;
  • Management system for evacuation of people in case of fire;
  • Structured cabling system;
  • Radio and television broadcasting system;
  • Clock system;
  • Automated control and dispatching system;
  • Automated system for monitoring and recording water consumption;
  • Automated system for the commercial accounting of electrical resources;