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Power systems

One of the main activities of the company 3MELECTRO is the electric supply of administrative, commercial and industrial facilities at low and medium voltage.

All electrical work is performed by highly qualified personnel in compliance with all norms and requirements, as well as taking into account the wishes of customers. The installation technology of electrical installations ensures safe and convenient operation of the facility during its entire service life.

The materials and equipment used in the installation meet the highest quality requirements. Depending on the wishes of the customer, products of both foreign and domestic manufacturers can be used.

Selected options can be quickly implemented in the relevant projects that our organization performs on its own. With this approach, the disagreement between the project and the actual electrical work is minimized.

Also, the company is able to perform a full range of work on tying and connecting technological equipment on objects of any complexity.

Design and installation of power systems:

  • 0.4 kV power supply system;
  • Power supply system 6 and 10kV;
  • The system of interior, facade and exterior lighting;
  • Power transmission systems;
  • Backup power supply;
  • Systems for protection against overvoltage and protection against electric shock;
  • Main switchboards (MSB);
  • Introduction of distribution installations (ASU);
  • Power distribution cabinets;
  • Grounding and lightning protection system;
  • Security and Protective Deratization System (DPDS);