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Low-current system

Another of the main activities of the 3M ELECTRO company is the fire safety systems and security systems of administrative, commercial and industrial facilities.

All work is performed by highly qualified personnel in compliance with all norms and requirements, as well as taking into account the wishes of customers. The technology of installation of equipment for security systems and fire-fighting systems ensures safe and convenient operation of the facility during its entire service life.

The materials and equipment used for installation meet the highest quality requirements. Depending on the wishes of the customer, products of both foreign and domestic manufacturers can be used.

Selected options can be quickly implemented in relevant projects that our organization performs independently. With this approach, disagreements between the project and the actual electrical work performed are minimized.

The company is also able to perform a full range of work on the strapping and connection of technological equipment at facilities of any complexity.

Design and installation of low-voltage systems:

  • development of design solutions and calculations of smoke protection systems;
  • development and coordination of working documentation systems;
  • automatic fire alarm;
  • fire alerts;
  • sprinkler and deluge fire extinguishing;
  • security alarm;
  • internal fire pipe;
  • pumping station;
  • gas extinguishing;
  • smoke removal and air overpressure;
  • technical support and consultation of the design of fire protection systems;
  • technical support and consultation of the architectural and construction part of the project on fire safety issues;
  • expertise, assistance in adjusting the design documentation of the APS systems, sprinkler fire extinguishing, smoke removal and air overpressure, internal fire suppression system, audit of the system performance and individual and comprehensive testing of the systems;
  • conducting and preparing aerodynamic tests of the smoke removal system;
  • development and coordination of technical conditions and the section "Fire-prevention measures";
  • installation, adjustment, repair, service maintenance and design of systems:
  • automatic fire alarm;
  • speech and sound alert systems;
  • video surveillance and access control systems;
  • sprinkler water extinguishing systems;
  • sprinkler foam fire extinguishing systems;
  • sprinkler powder extinguishing systems;
  • installation of a security (alarm) alarm system;
  • installation of access control systems;
  • gas extinguishing;
  • fire retardant work;
  • installation of a monitoring system;
  • installation of fire extinguishers;
  • installation work of a complex of equipment for transmitting signals from a fire signal to the city fire department "01";
  • automation of fire control devices;
  • installation and manufacture of lighting equipment;
  • performing evacuation time calculations;
  • installation of video intercoms;
  • telephone installation;
  • design automation of engineering systems management in case of fire;
  • installation of valve control units for smoke removal systems; With the ability to structure cable networks and connect any of the above communications into a single network, possibly with a common control center.

Structuring of cable networks is the basis of the building's information and communication infrastructure, making a single system a multitude of network services for various purposes.

All electrical work performed by highly qualified specialists in compliance with all standards and requirements, as well as the wishes of customers.