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Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Ventilation and air conditioning

One of the factors of creating comfortable conditions for finding, living and efficient work in the premises is a reliable system of air circulation, its filtration, humidification, and maintenance of the necessary temperature parameters.

The installation of the ventilation and air conditioning of the premises allows maintaining air parameters that are comfortable for people's well-being and necessary for the flow of technological processes of industrial enterprises and the operation of computer equipment.

Our company offers not only a full range of services for design and installation at the stage of planning the construction of the building, but also the reconstruction of air conditioning systems for re-planning or changing the specifics of the premises.

We constantly improve the quality of installation work. Thanks to our professionals and high-quality equipment of domestic and foreign manufacturers, your life support system will function without creating any problems.

We offer you services for the supply, installation and maintenance of ventilation systems and air conditioning systems, as well as our company performs full diagnostics of any equipment of this type (we identify possible failures and eliminate them).

Also, if necessary, we can make a complete reconstruction or modernization of obsolete ventilation equipment.

All works are made using a special professional tool of the best manufacturers. We use the best components for the installation of air conditioners and ventilation, the reliability of which has been verified by time.

The reliability of the ventilation system depends on professional installation.